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Introduction of slat conveyor

       The slat conveyor is a kind of slab conveyor, which is widely used in mining, metallurgy and cement industries. It is an indispensable equipment in the process of raw material processing or continuous production. It is especially suitable for conveying large and sharp materials.The conveyor has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation, long service life, simple installation and maintenance, etc. It has no special requirements for material size, block shape, and working environment. The weight of a single material (piece) can reach 70-120kg, and the length of the conveyor can be Up to 40-80 meters and allow 25° inclination angle transportation.The slab conveyor can be used to transport various lump or loose materials from the storage bin to the crusher, conveyor or other working machinery in a horizontal or inclined direction.There are light and medium types.This series of conveyors are suitable for conveying block and powdery materials. They are the replacement products of material equipment in cement plants. They are often used for conveying bulk materials and are also suitable for the conveying of sharp and hot materials.The slat conveyor is a general-purpose fixed mechanized conveying equipment. It uses steel plates as a carrying tank and can be used for conveying a large number of bulk materials and single heavy objects; especially suitable for large, heavy, hot and corrosive For high-quality materials, the scale conveyor is used for the transportation of hot castings in the foundry and can simultaneously complete the process engineering of clearing the pouring riser, cooling, drying, heating, cleaning and classification during the transportation process. It is widely used in machinery, casting, metallurgy, etc. , Chemical, building materials, power, mining and other industrial sectors.

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