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Technical Measures for Operation Safety of Scraper Conveyor

       1. For the operation of the inclined shaft scraper conveyor, a firm baffle must be installed at the tail of the machine. The baffle is made of steel plate not less than 5mm, and the height of the baffle must not be less than 1000mm. The two sides are 200mm wider, using No. 11 miner's steel as pillars, the bottom of the pillars is inserted into the roadway floor 500mm, and the top is stabilized by beams.
       2. When installing the scraper conveyor in the flat lane, reliable guardrail baffles must be installed on both sides of the chute to prevent the gangue from exiting the chute. The guardrail baffle is made of wood or bamboo plywood, and the height must not be less than 400mm; the inclined shaft is installed with scrapers. When the conveyor is installed, a protective net must be installed in addition to the guardrail. The protective net is made of steel mesh or diamond mesh, and the height must not be less than 1000mm. The protective net is fixed with angle steel every 3 meters, and No. 20 miner is used every 11 meters. Steel fixed.             
       3. The baffle at the transfer head of the inclined shaft must be firm and reliable. Wooden boards or bamboo glue boards must not be used, and steel plates must be used and firmly fixed.
       4. Each scraper must be equipped with a bridge.
       5. Before the scraper conveyor starts, the scraper driver must send a signal bell (signal indication: 1 stop, 2 start). Before starting the transfer scraper, the driver of the next scraper must be signaled to get the previous scraper. Corresponding actions can be taken only after the board driver rings back.
       6. During the operation of the scraper conveyor, the scraper driver should always pay attention to the operating conditions of the scraper conveyor. If any abnormal situation is found, it must immediately send a stop signal and stop; it is strictly forbidden for the Xinjing scraper conveyor to transport large gangue and coal. If the driver finds that he must stop the machine immediately to unload the gangue/coal, it can be transported by the scraper after handling.
       7. It is strictly forbidden for people to walk on the scraper conveyor when it is stopped, and it is strictly forbidden to use the scraper to transport materials during the operation. The scraper conveyor must be checked by the driver before starting to see if there is anyone on the scraper conveyor. , If any, the scraper conveyor must not be started.
       8. After the working face is blasted, if there is a large coal or gangue with sharp shuttle corners or with a contour size of more than 200mm, the coal or gangue must be broken in a safe place in the roadway with a hammer or pneumatic pick to avoid coal or gangue. Scratch the belt or cause the slipper to jam in the chain.
       9. In the roadway where the scraper conveyor and the track are used together, pedestrians must not walk between the scraper conveyor and the track, and must walk on the scraper conveyor or one side of the track.
       11. Other unmentioned matters shall be carried out in strict accordance with the "Coal Mine Safety Regulations" and related rules and regulations. 

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