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The main reason and preventive measures of scraper chain breaking

       The broken chain of the scraper is the most serious one of the common safety accidents of the scraper. It can not only cause injury accidents, but also seriously affect production.According to the statistics of a certain mine, the output affected by the broken link accident accounts for 36% of the output affected by the electromechanical accident of the whole mine, so some preventive measures should be taken in actual production.
1) The main reason causing the scraper chain to break:
       ① The chain is suddenly jammed during operation.
       ②The chain is too tight, which not only increases the initial tension of the chain, but also shortens the life of the chain.
       ③When too much coal is loaded, the motor is started under overload conditions, which increases the dynamic tension of the chain and causes it to break.
       ④ There are many deformed chain links, poor meshing during operation and uneven force, causing chain breaking accidents.
       ⑤ The chain link distance of the two chains is different, so that all the load is concentrated on one chain, and it breaks.
       ⑥ Uneven or straight working surface can cause uneven force, scratching, and derailment of the squeegee chain, which may cause chain breakage.
       ⑦Because the chain is too loose or severely worn, or the length of the two chains is different, when running to the sprocket, the teeth will jump, causing the chain ring to be impacted by the teeth, causing the chain ring to deform, break and bend the scraper.
2) Preventive measures
       ①Insist on the use of fluid couplings to reduce the dynamic load and impact load on the chain and prolong the service life of the chain.
       ②When there is too much coal in the chute, it must be cleaned manually, and the machine cannot be forced to start.
       ③Adjust the tightness of the chain in time, neither loose nor tight.Replace the deformed scrapers, chain links and sand ditch in time.

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